Friday, February 25, 2011

snow today gone tomorrow, maybe not

The weather around here can be unpredictable, we are surrounded by mountains on all sides, Mt Rainier to the south, Mt Vernon and the Cascades to the south, Mt baker to the east and the Olympics to the west, the you throw Puget sound in the middle of it all and fun stuff happens.
so I have gotten used to rain, wind, rain, sun, rain, rain, Squirrel!
(just seeing if you were paying attention!)

snow pellets!
wednsday I got up, looked out the window on to a typical gloomy overcast day, wandered to do my business, got a cup of coffee, turned around to look out the window again to find it had snowed an inch of snow pellets! DUDE!
it all melted by noon, no biggie.

Thursday it snowed till noon and melted by 3 so I went out to get some groceries, I was 45 minutes in the store. by the time I got back to the car there was a light dusting on the ground. by the time I got up the hill I couldn't see the lights of the oncoming traffic! eek!
poor rhodies out my front window

 still fluffing
Not that I'm complaining, mind, I know people have been getting socked this winter with the white stuff but I'm at the top of  2 mile long, 450' hill and just an inch or two louses things up around here so bad, you'd think it was Armageddon! and today we got temps in the teens, which turns the roads into ice rinks. with more snow predicted for this afternoon.
I'm making suppa tuscana!

Me thinks it's time for a roaring fire, hot tea and lots of sewing! he,he!
I like this!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Dear BF and a critter update

it was my dear BF's birthday lat week.
he hates it when I make a big fuss over it.
but it his BIRTHDAY I can't not make a fuss!
so this year I toned it down just a little.
I made him Tacos for dinner
and a german chocolate cake with lots of
coconut filling, heavy on the chocolate.

and I made him a present.
nothing big just a little thing to let him know, I'm glad he was born.
cause that's why we celebrate birthdays yes?

I used a batch of transistors that were lying around after a motherboard project of his and fiddled with them, added the heart key hole and placed it in a small shadow box.

then took some Fimo and made a heart box out of it  stamped it woth swirlies a clock face and some meaningful words and baked it as per instructions

added a fan motor a resist indicator and more transistors on the heart bead and glued it all on with E-6000 (I love that stuff!) there are pictures inside of us then and now, but they don't photograph well so I didn't include them here.

the heart fits inside the box and the box is small enough it fits inside your (his) pocket.
like I said just a little something.

the critter has made off with one of the candles off the candelabra in the organ room, this time I can't find it.
Hmmm. I think it's time to go nuclear on it's fuzzy butt!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

doing the odd stupid thing

you know how you feel right after youv'e done something fabulously stupid?
I'm there.

I'm not generally into self mutilation but I do, do the odd stupid thing every now and again.  usually it's a live/learn sort of thing, this time I was just being lazy.
we have a lovely fireplace and I do love a good fire.

while making kindling from chips too small for the woodpile,
i cut myself along the knuckle of my left pointer finger with the ax.

don't get all wobbly on me it was just the little 3lb hand ax and not the big ol'12lb solid steel one. my DBF just sharpened the damn fool thing too.

but boy howdy! OWwie! I forgot how much fingers bleed!

I doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would and it's all bandaged up, disinfected and what-not but its all swollen and discolored. eew.

note to self-#3478.6 wear gloves next time, dummy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A picture frame

I have finished this picture frame and I love the result but it took so long to finish!

do you have endless debates with yourself?

over which color red tread would look best here or there and if i'm going to go through that, I'd better go through this.

then there are the distractions of organizing, clearing, separating those beads you just mixed together by accident and oh I need something from the store, it's 4 days into a project that should have taken 2 at most!

So now I have 2 boxes a little purse and a picture frame to put up on my fictitious ETSY site, can you open an Etsy store with only 4 pieces?

then the debate of what to charge for them because you know your never going to get out, what you put into these pieces.

no one would pay that much for a smallish box so what to charge?

then for me final procrastination point to not opening a store for my things,
and it's on my mind because it's that time of year again,
how do I figure out my taxes for it? boo scary!

I think I'll go make more boxes instead!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BJP-wherever you go

Wherever you go, I go my my dear.

Februaries part of the poem is done, though I can say I don't like the result as much as the idea that garnered it.
I was thinking of 2 pair of footsteps on a garden path but I couldn't find footprints in charm form that weren't baby feet., so I made 'em out of sequins.
which turned out ok but the result isn't stunning,
it's kind of blah.
there is always next month!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mystery critter

I have a mystery critter.

time for my dog eared hat, violin and pipe!

I noticed after we came back from chirstmas vaca that one of the candelabra candles was on the foot pedals of the organ AND it was chewed around the top. I noticed those same chew marks again this am. and it has me wondering.

I remember this happening some time in the summer also though I can't remember when and I didn't notice chew marks on it that time.

so I have a critter and I don't know what it is, other than it has two tiny front teeth.

yes, know, it could be a mouse. I thought of that,but then why would it be eating only these two candles?

and not any of the other candles around the house?

and how is it getting up there in the first place?

the candelabra is very tall and I don't know of any mouse
or rat, for that matter, agile enough that can climb a wrought iron, 5 foot, candelabra or jump the two feet from the chimney vent to get there, do you?

if you do please keep it to yourself my night mares are strange enough with out that in them, thank you.

not to mention get into the cabinets and eat the ramen
noodles through he bag like they usually do when they get in?


so what could it be?

could be a bat trapped in the house living off bugs in the night
and hanging about in the chimney vents during the day.

that would explain why we haven't been inundated with spiders this winter.
though why haven't we heard it flying about the house at night?

Ok you can't hear them squeaking, they are ultrasonic after
all but they would have landed on something by now and
knocked it over don't you think?

the next big Q is how do we figure it out?

now if it is a rat or mouse type critter I have no problem
going all Dalek on their furry buts, but I am less inclined to kill a bat.

they do after all perform a service of bug removal and i'm all for that!

my DBF has suggested we set up a web cam or rig the camera to a motion detector to catch the perpetrator in the act ( geek-boy in action!)

I have to get this figured out by spring break or we will have the daddy of all freak-outs, when one of the girls or the boy is sleeping in the organ room
(he-he-he, you said ORGAN, he-he-he)
like i said I have no problem killing a mouse critter but I don't want to kill a bat.
all vermin are not equal one serves a purpose.

SO, anyone have any better idea's?


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