Friday, September 30, 2011

Withi-poo 2

 another witchi-poo is done!

now i have 1 more to finish and a small something-I haven't decided yet what it should be.

any suggestions?  it's a 6" square approximately

 just as colorful as these lovely darlings

 but what should it be?
Purse, table mat, wall-hanging?
I don't know!

 anyway as you can see this one is much like the other spiders, dragonfly's, witchy sayings, pumpkins
these are fun to make, they are about 12"high and 10" in diameter  any size tussy mussy pattern will do (i used a dinner plate for the brim!)

then get out all the creepy bugs and spiders you can find and go to town!)

I lined these as well so in theory they can be worn all one would need to do is sew in a hair band or combs.
they are just big enough not to look silly!

and homecoming is coming up with all the dress drama and OMG! that that entails. it's to be semi-formal this year which means all the girls are wearing formals and all the boys are wearing what they can get away with!
dd's date has decided on skinny jeans and combat boots with the union jack on the toe and she has decided on a very nice midnight blue velvet with spangles and silver shoes. somehow I don't think he's going to win this one!)


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