Tuesday, February 28, 2017

 I've been on a toot lately.

It has partly to do with keeping myself busy and not paying to much attention to the news.

I've been an avid news ie since high school and this last election and the turn of events since, has been frustrating.  I will leave it anttentionnvinnd that.

So it stead of throwing things anttentionnvinndtthatt my radio I've been creating.

I'm on # 5 sane crazy patch quilt.

Going through my stash I have discovered fabrics that have been languishing in the back of shelves, that should really be used for something other than dust generation.

This gives me an excuse to do some quick work quilts and use up some of my " scraps to large to toss but to small to use "

I should also make my son a new quilt as his irish chain came bak from Afghanistan more string than quilt owing to the armies quality laundry equipment.

It's amazing how much I've got when in hardly ever buy more than fat quarters. They cuddle up and make fat eighths I suspect.

As always my helpers, violet and molly soaking up the watery sunshine while it lasts.
Notice how molly has settled herself in front of the iron for a little extra warmth.


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