Monday, April 4, 2011

Here in my deep Paisley dream

may is mostly done now I just have to put a border on it and mount it on something sturdy.

the phrase for this months BJP is "I want no world for beautiful you are my world my  true."  this was originally going to be my concept piece for "whatever is done by only me is your doing" but I felt it was not right, once I let go of trying to force it into that place, I got the idea for the other piece and this one came into focus. funny how that happens!

Our inner beauty become manifest.
the paisleys are representative of  our thoughts and dreams as through them we are capable of creating our world. (I've been reading Jung again, can you tell?)

I was thinking about halfway to finishing this project that it would make a wonderful set piece for the other parts of the BJP.
so with that in mind I'm going to wait and see just how large I need to make the border to accommodate the other 11 parts.


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