Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Vaca

 So We went to Kona on the Big Island in Hawaii for a couple of weeks again this year, Yayas! 

Kona Bay

  It's awesome to go in the first place,

Kona sunset

 made even more so by my wonderful husband, who spoils me rotten!

Banyan tree

This year we planned it around not only BI's shop-hop,

which goes for the full month of February, if any one is interested.

A lovely walk along Ali'i st

But for Quilt passions (QP) Quilting on the beach event, where they sponsor 20 or so classes for a week at the King Kamehameha hotel.

They have been doing them for about 10 years and If you can there is another quilting on the beach in june, I highly recommend going.

My filthy lucker from QP + the packet for quilting on the beach

The fabric Oh the fabric! Every shop has some of the most wonderful balli prints I have ever seen in every color imaginable!

I went a little nutz,

to be fair I had encouragement!

Hubs was egging me on, go ahead we can mail it all home!

RxR in progress for 2015 picked up at QP

The first pattern that I finished was th shop-hop row by row from 2015 QP has a back log of them for the years between.
Not that I'm trying to tempt you or anything!

Shop-Hop pattern for the 5 BI shops!

when it all arrived at home the first pattern I started was the whale Row by row


More patterns from other shops
So much fun and so quick!

the whales came in the package already to iron on

so as soon as you sewed up the background you slapped them on and voila!

Then there was the finishing of my own shops Row by row

Pineapple pattern #1
and the completion of the first shop-hop kit.

as it's the corner 

there are only 3 parts to it

this one went together quickly also

all my row x rows compleate

I can see Ima be busy for the foreseeable future!

There are also the charity quilts I didn't finish before we left

Husband who spoils me rotten!

and all the life stuff you need do when you get home.

Vaca may be over but I have a lot of lovely reminders to keep me going back as I sew!

Monday, February 18, 2019

A tale of woe

Juncos drinking from runoff
From a balmy 65* Hawaiian night to slippy snowing streets at 28*, nahugngh.
Off the plane, I was wearing what I left home in, socks, ballet shoes, clam digger jeans, a tank, a t-shirt, 2 sweaters and a scarf, mind when we left, it was 55* and raining.
You know normal Seattle weather.
What we came home to

Seatac IS NOT heated, we were on the red eye, (11pm to 7am, I am NOT doing that again) so we got  next to no sleep, and to complete my personal misery, I got my period. (Fme)
Apparently I was being punished for something I did earlier, I don't know what that could be but something I've done pissed off Karma.

Driveway after new snow
To top off the hilarity our ride was 1.5 hours late to pick us up at the airport, they overslept! -.- 
We came home to snow, lots of snow, 2 whole storms worth, which was fun getting through as no, they don't use salt on the roads, they use sand (because environment!). 

Seattle really doesn't have the equipment to deal with this white stuff and as they get a snow storm like this maybe once every 3-5 years it's understandable. 

Mostly it rains. When we do get snow, it rains and melts away by the next day, no worries.

After the new snow

It doesn't linger or get colder, get mashed down into grey slush at the side of the road and freeze into a sheet of ice like its doing now. 

That's for you flat lander, midwest folks.

From the neighbors yard

  went to check something in the garage and tried to open the car door, it was locked so had to trudge back to the house (omg) find the keys, trudge back, woop the car open, no.

 Battery is dead. 

Not your click, click I'm unhappy dead either, dead, dead nothin' dead.

well heck (and other words best left floating in the friged air)

Neighbors tree from our yard
Even if we could have gotten out of our garage, the day we got home, we'd at that point gotten 9" of snow. 

We couldn't have even gotten out of the driveway as there is this Enormous hedge that runs about 30' alonside it and It decided to fall over as well.
There is also a little dip and a rise at the end

where they have over-paved the road so many times, its about a foot higher than the driveway.
If there is even a hint of ice and you stop for cross traffic, you're stuck.
sacrificial tree

The next day, as Adam was taking snaps of all the picturesque scenery in the backyard after yet another snow storm that gave us almost 20" of snow, 
there was a loud pop, rip and a bang of the tree next door 
taking out one of our trees across from it, the power lines to the garage and two of our neighbors behind us. *sigh*

 Then joy of joys, another of our trees decided to give up its burden of snow and ice build up, fell over and was only stopped from falling into the driveway by yet another tree, which will now have to be sacrificed this spring.

 On the bright side the overly engineered birdbath survived! 

driveway and the Hungry hedge
We spent all day yesterday chainsawing the danger tree so it wouldn't cause any further damage and destruction.
Today we woke up to a sloppy wet mess of melting everything. 

 If were lucky it will all melt before the next storm comes in and turns us into a ice rink, then dumps snow on top, just to make it more fun.

 On the plus side the sun is out and the willow tree is sparkling at me from all the prismatic ice chips in its branches, very pretty.

There is a family of at least 25 Juncos in the backyard. Where they came from and what they are after is beyond me but I've never seen so many at once.
So many in fact, they are chasing off the stellars jays and the squirrels, so lots of noise as they all duke it out.

Not ready to give up yet!

So as we can't get out of our garage to shop I have appealed to a very kind neighbor with 4 wheel drive who has very nicely volunteered to take us to the cosco to stock up next time they go, blessings be upon them!
Last night I was able to bum a ride from DD#2's boyfriend, who's mom has a jeep. Who got me to the grocery and back, for fresh veg and eggs so we we're not living off meat with a side of meat.
other than that everything good!

If you are wondering why we shut down for 7"of snow imagine San Fransisco, all those lovely big rolling hills, now imagine it with snow. Yes, we have LA worthy hills! 
Fun for driving sideways on ice, so mostly we stay home.  
No point in giving emergency services more to do.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Cq ladies (CQJP 2015) is ALMOST finished

So this cq has taken a long time to finish.

Mostly because I have been looking for the perfect backing for it

A backing that would both give it some more structure and was still pliable

Tough bill to fill.

What I ended up with was a heavy brocade upholstery fabric

Can I tell you a secret? Promise not to tell?

I stole the backing, from material I 'm supposed to hem for my daughters mother-in-law, for a table cloth.
To be fair there is plenty more and I feel, not at all, guilty over the theft!

Its your own fault, if you leave me in charge of the perfect material, to finish something I've been agonizing over for 3 years! 

Aand there you go, Mom logic.

It was bound to happen at some point.

Any way, It's ALMOST done.

I was looking at it hanging there on the curtain in my sewing room and decided,

It needs something,

It looked to plain, Just hanging there, It looked bare.

If something as embellished as these panels can be said to look bare!

I thought giving the panels a wide border   and putting the panels askew rather than in a uniform pattern
would make them less chaotic to look at.

Than sewing them all together in a bunch, throwing a binding around that and calling it good.

Well the spacing part worked out bUt Instead of the balance I was going for, the askew part just ended up making it look more awkward.

So, I am in the process of adding laces and flowers and stuff,

so it doesn't have all that empty space between the panels.

That look like they are going nowhere.

THey make it look Meh.

I will fix thAt!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hi-bear-nation & tutorial for cathedral windows

See what I did?
Yeah, I know it's not great if you have to explain it.


I find myself explaining
a lot

To the point where I don't want to speak

to any one

any more.

Beach scape
I get my "bah humbugs" early

Or late

I can never decide which.

  I want to hibernate. 

 This doesn't mean I haven't been busy.

  I wandered into appliqueing again via a few things bought in Hawaii last years and never gotten to.              

When I realized I never showed you all The Honu (turtle) protector of the islands! I finished him before thanksgiving

The Nene, Hawaii's state bird, not quite done. The baby nene still needs it's beak& legs, the corner stones need to be done and then the berry vine they like to eat needs doing.

And the beach-scape background has been started it will have a lady swinging on a hammock with her quilting and a drinky

Then I found out my oldest and dearest friends mom has breast cancer so I'm making her a snuggle quilt for when her chemo gets going.

Also linking with Oh Scrap! cause everything I do is scrappy!

I hope it's cheerful enough for when she can't manage

 I also found an OOOOld UFO!

A cathedral windows quilt I started back when my old, old , old machine died so I'd have something to do.

I don't remember when I put it aside but it went everywhere with me for a while.

This is a great project if you travel a lot.

It takes up a minimum amount of space and you only need a pin cushion a needle, scissors and thread

Unless you let it grow out of control then it's like kudzu, everywhere all at once!

I'll show you how easy it is,
you need an even amount of 7" squares of whatever cotton you like,

I've used eyelet lace renovated from an old skirt here.

 Fold the square in half

and sew both ends

Leaving the long end opposite the fold open

Turn inside out so the seams are not showing

Like this

Now open the pocket till you form a square

The seams should form a straight line right down the middle
(where my finger is pointing in the picture)

Crossed by the raw edge. and Iron nice and flat.

Don't worry about finishing this as it will be under all the folds that are coming next.

Fold like an envelope so all the points meet in the middle.

Iron nice and flat again.

Now sew just the tips of the points together so they all meet in the center.

Leave it floppy so you can put your finger underneath it.

I'll tell you why in a minute

Now sew the whole mess together!

I like a fast and easy whip stitch here

Don't worry about being too neat they will all be hidden by the 2"-2.5" squares you are going to use for the window effect

BTW this is a great project for those 2"-2.5" charm square packs you have lying around

Now place a square right in the middle of the square formed by your seams, pin it.

 See how my finger is demonstrating how to fold over the edge?

That is how you are going to cover all those raw edges!

Now pin the corners down
then pin the fold over right in the middle

The ends should fold over automagically

If they don't it shouldn't take to much encouragement to make 'em

Pin them down too.

Sew down.

I use a scoop stitch method here.

Sorry about the blurry but it's hard to sew and take a picture!
This is why I leave the center points floppy,
 so I can get my finger in there to sew it all down!

If you want to sew it down when you have finished the patches on either side go ahead

Now those pesky corners........

Take a stitch so you catch both sides of the fabric

As I have shown here

Pull thread through

Take another stitch where you went in initially

Then angle your needle ( Like in the picture)
catch the other side of the fabric

Pull through

 Both sides should pull together making a neat point

Scoop stitch to the bottom where your next stitch will go

Rince/repeat until you are done.

If you have never done one of these before I would start with just 4 squares

See how you like doing it before you go crazy

Like I said, Kudzu.

Now for those of you who noticed this clever little thing and want one, Extra credit!

It's easy-peasy!

Requires 1- 3.5" square

Folded in half as a triangle, right sides together.

Sew along both edges, leaving enough room, so you can turn it and stuff it.

Don't go to crazy and don't use batting, unless its really loose fluffy batting.

Hand sew the seam closed when you are done.  

Now take both bottom ends of your triangle, where the fold is.

Sew them together, securely, nice and tight.

and Voila!      A pin cushion ring!        Brilliant!

Bonus fact, if you fill the end point with walnut shells (about half way) before you stuff it you will have a bit of needle sharpening.
I don't recommend emery, unless you are using a really tight weave fabric - OR - you want to double up on fabric.

Because after a while using it, the emery will start to leak out through the needle holes and leave you with a floppy pin cushion.

I get my walnut shell from the pet store, in the reptile bedding section.
       It's a huge bag that, will last you for ever, so be warned.


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