Sunday, September 21, 2014

I've been PUBLISHED!!!!

Pat Winter's CQ Gatherings magazine has published my Witchi-poo hats!

a whole 2 page spread!!

on glossy paper in color and everything!

 you can get your own copy at
 or just press the linky up there at the top

I am so excited I could dance...
sew more....

well, you get the picture, I'm

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

net nutrality now!

our internet needs to be open and free for everyone not just the companies who can make you pay for it.
sign a petition or better yet, call your senator and demand your Internet remain free

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Flower Faeries-Apple Blossom Faerie

 The Apple-blossom faerie is done

and she didn't give me half the trouble the Pear-blossom faerie gave me!

she seems to like to play with  lots of critters

 so there are ladybugs and butterflies

even Dimsdale and Terrence came out to play

I also gave her a garden to play in with lots of flowers

and pretty seam treatments to play around

there is a key to this secret garden can you find it?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

gardens and flowers RR- Andrea's block

I didn't think I would finish this one so soon!

I put lots of lace and lots of flowers on this block

a bird
there is a lot more SRE than I usually place on a block.

I'm more of a seamtreatment/embroidery girl but i think it turned out ok
and not too much in the way of beading though I did do some

since this is going to be part of a bedspread I didn't want to do too much that would be "catchy"

I tried to stay in the pastels but there needed to be some contrast to the overall purplieness of the block.

there was some dark blue/black in the detail and a few of the other blocks so I don't think I wandered outside the parameters too badly

Friday, August 22, 2014

garden and flowers RR - Dana's block

 here is Dana's block all done

a nice flowering vine

a bird

some nice flowers

a dragonfly

with a bit of lace thrown in for funsies

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ravens block

 This is what I have really been working on.

 I have all these lovely "downton abby" prints I got from Susan over at

 Gathering fabric when she had her theme day trunk sale featuring the fabrics I got a few of them.

I love seam-treatments so I went a little crazy..
 I also love my critters so I featured the neighborhood crows in this block.

they are a noisy busy bunch!

I hear them in the trees calling to one another "ooh! look! something nice and dead over here!"

I like how it all turned out,

I wasn't sure for a while there,

then I found the perfect beads in my local bead shop,

 that were just the right color to blend in with the fabrics.

I used some of them on the faerie block because they worked well there too

Unfortunately I went back for more and they were gone!

quelle fin tragique!

I hate when that happens!

 any how I think I have it just about done now so I can show it to you all

 I love the look of SRE and I must practice more of it.    I don't use it much or maybe I don't feel comfortable using it much.

even though it takes up a lot of real-estate and is great for when you have to fill in a spot that is just a little too bare

 I still don't know if I need to do a little more with the stars on this part,
they feel a little undone to me

there are the beads, see just the right color!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oh, the Sanity!

we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon in April and as is customary I bought more fabric than I meant to.

I have (finally) finished the pattern I bought for it all

as may of you may know I wander off into sane quilting every once in a while and when I do it takes me months to finish what I start mostly because I know find the cutting peacing and sewing down of regular quilting well, BORING! OMG! somebody shoot me please, what was I thinking!

OK now that I have gotten that out of my system I feel really proud of myself, when I can actually finish one of these things in under a year!

the first one is a little wall hanging I saw the turtle pattern in the quilt shop in Volcano village I didn't get it but it played with me in my head until I sewed it down I was originally thinking of putting more turtles on this but my appliqué skills are so rusty I don't want ruin what I have so far .

the second one I couldn't resist (even though I tried!) I bought as a kit for a table runner with one line of pineapples and then fell I lust with more of the fabric so it has turned into a lap quilt.

now I just have to sammich, quilt and bind the darned thing.
this is where it may take longer to finish.....


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