Wednesday, April 8, 2015

CQJP February

catching up on the Cqjp, at least bare with me while i try

I thought id give you a quick overview of the blocks first then get into details

so first layer is the nekked block

then your first layer of stitches, since I'm also using my blocks for the BJP and joyful embellishments each block is going to have a stitch theme.

he theme here is herringbone stitch for the base

Herringbone is a very versatile stitch that you can do all sorts of fun stuff with

here I finished it with beads and lazy daisies

then sequins and faux seed pearls

the butterfly is for the BJP and is fully beaded on felt to give it a bit more dimention

the motif here is stem stitch, leaf and flower beads

I finished this one with larger beads and lazy daisy

here the herringbone is large and small inverted with beads and lazy daisy

there are 2 other herringbone I left unfinished more for effect 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

CQJP January block


If you hadn't noticed I'm a little late
on this block

                 but thats ok,

I can catch up

I have a plan..........

 you may have noticed a theme on this block,

 then I'll let you in on a little secret,

 the stitches are all the same
 thats right no foolin!

i used feather stitch for each and every one!

variations of it, just to make it more interesting but feather stitch none the less

I plan to follow that strategy for all my blocks this year, so we'll see how that works out.

First I have to catch up!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Skelly is done!

 When I finish a project like this its always a relief.

after months of slogging through the design phase,
the picking and choosing phase,
the initial sewing and blocking phase, the "oh my god, I'm stuck!" phase,

the going in another direction phase, followed by more design, picking and choosing, sewing and blocking....

more "oh my god, I'm stuck!"
then the final inspiration, that gets you unstuck and across the finish line .


by that time you are either sick to death of the final piece,

 or it has grown on you,
like moss.

it's a part of you now. Indelible.

I always have trouble with the next phase.

the taking pictures phase.

how many do you take?

at what angle?

close ups?

how close up?

 Indoors or out?

how much detail?

 Natural light or flash?

do I examine every part of the piece?

 Do I go through every little nuance

how throughly?

in the end I take a lot of pictures.

 I don't usually show them all at once like this

I pick the best ones and showcase them

I try not to go overboard

but sometimes it's nice to see a persons process in these things.

it helps us make our own Phases easier to deal with.

More comprehensible.

you can see the progress here, here and here

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

whats old is new

I call this block whats old is new, the reason for the name is this,

the bird on red silk is a part of the first (?) OK second)
cq block i ever made, as is the bit of stripey green and lavender under (in this case next to) it.

I had long ago chopped away at pieces of this block because it was not designed very well to begin with
but I couldn't get rid of that bird or the strip below it.
That part, at least looked like it belonged together.

and after almost 20 years of being shuffled from place to place being neglected and abused i finally figured out what to do with it.

make it into a whole new block! of course, duh!

anyway it's the perfect showcase for my fiddly fumbly beginning cq to my now cq. also the ribbon showed up one day in a package from my mom that was perfect for framing the seams.

so by now your wondering about the rest of this block.

SO! all along the top left hand side is a dragonfly out of dagger beads and bugles,

seam 1 a zigzag feather stitch with black lentils and lazy daisies and seam 2 a double herringbone with glass flower beads.

in the left bottom corner a red felt mushroom with a gnome peaking out from behind it.
to balance all that orange
I made a daisy chain curly-q in the upper right hand corner, added a few purple flower beads and a blue bird to balance the big blue patch at the bottom right
where I stuck a pink(ish) lace flower motif that I dyed myself and art deco-y looking satin stitched swirls and more lentils.
now that I look at it I need to practice satin stitch more, those swirls are lumpy!

so anyway, old and new.


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