Saturday, April 5, 2014

spring fling challenge

I entered into Therica's spring fling challenge  I have finished the sewing of it though it is not due till may the 15th. I have not decided what to do with it yet. I was thinking a box top maybe. I have a month to think on it.
here's a sneak peek I won't show the whole piece until
the challenge is up.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Laconner quilt museum installment #4

here are the last of the Laconner pictures 
this crazy quilt is made of all cigar silks 
they are pretty boring one by one but are rather stunning when taken en masse

I didn't take pictures off every panel of this piece

because they are pretty much the same once you get passed the whole thing

apparently her hubbs liked a certain kind of cigar and didn't deviate too much from those

this next quilt I saved for the last because it is my favorite and it has so much to see in it that I wanted to document it  in detail

you will notice it has some lovely seams and motifs in it

some that are repeated throughout and some that stand alone

and it's in very good shape considering it was an actual bed topper 

there is very little fading or laddering due to age

which is very unusual when you take into account how old this quilt is

the dates on it range from 1887 to 1933

  and it looks to me like much of the seam work was the work of one hand

though the motifs look to be the work of several people

 and then there is my favorite room in the house the tower room

the view of which is stunning and darn it all if I didn't take any pictures of it!

couldn't you imagine sewing up here?
3 windows worth of light, views up and down the waterfront and that ceiling!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Laconner quilt museum installment #3

more from the museum, this one didn't have a note card for it or I lost it somewhere in transfer

this one has lovely embroidered motifs scattered across  it

 It also has a lovely lace border all around

 this pink robe was set out in what was the dining room of the house

no real detail work on it but very pretty seams
 note the extensive cracking and laddering as the silk has started to disintegrate and fade over time

this one uses many techniques for motif from paint to chenille

 this wonderful quilt by Sarah Brien is as whimsical as they come.

look at these as close up as you can they are very detailed

look for


a boy in a barrel






baby egg
AND mice made from apple seeds

 I'm sorry a couple of these are blurry but the piece was hung over an air vent and it flapped a little when the heat came on!

 upstairs was an exhibit of Sue Spargo's work

I got pictures of those that interested me the most

sharon boggins has some lovely close ups of these two quilts on her blog


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