Monday, October 20, 2014

Raven box

So I final[y put this on a cigar-box and it turned out to so adorable, I don't think I can sell it!

I covered the old maduro bolds cigar box in a happy blue stripe on the outside

and a green and purple plaid on the inside with an envelope on the lid for little things

I covered the edges in a pink striped washi tape so it looks like an old candy box

things I think I learned while doing this project

1) strip some of the original box paper off inside the edges where the top meet the box especially by the hinge (but not the hinge!)

2) washi tape is magical!

3) paper has it's own difficulties and is just as tricky as cloth.

this was fun to put together.

if you all want a tutorial on this leave me a  comment

Friday, October 17, 2014

the green fairy

I finished the green fairy box

 it's a 3"x 3"round box, paper lined

 guarded by the green fairy,


and a few bees


  that gets one more project off my table

and into the ETSY shop......maybe.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Published again!

Well sort of, it's an article called
"Herringbone Stitch and Variations" by Kerry Leslie,
in the latest issue of Embroidery Canada, in which she picked 2 pictures of my work!
That counts doesn't it?
I'm going international, he-he!
although It's a guild membership to get the article so I won't be  able to see it in person (poo).  I did get a look at it, in the Crazy Quilting International Guild page, in which I am a member.
It's still exciting to see my work in print!

 In other news I have finished a few things
or at least partially finished them.

 this little bag was made to order for one of my daughters friends as a birthday present so I couldn't show it till it was given

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I've been PUBLISHED!!!!

Pat Winter's CQ Gatherings magazine has published my Witchi-poo hats!

a whole 2 page spread!!

on glossy paper in color and everything!

 you can get your own copy at
 or just press the linky up there at the top

I am so excited I could dance...
sew more....

well, you get the picture, I'm

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

net nutrality now!

our internet needs to be open and free for everyone not just the companies who can make you pay for it.
sign a petition or better yet, call your senator and demand your Internet remain free

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Flower Faeries-Apple Blossom Faerie

 The Apple-blossom faerie is done

and she didn't give me half the trouble the Pear-blossom faerie gave me!

she seems to like to play with  lots of critters

 so there are ladybugs and butterflies

even Dimsdale and Terrence came out to play

I also gave her a garden to play in with lots of flowers

and pretty seam treatments to play around

there is a key to this secret garden can you find it?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

gardens and flowers RR- Andrea's block

I didn't think I would finish this one so soon!

I put lots of lace and lots of flowers on this block

a bird
there is a lot more SRE than I usually place on a block.

I'm more of a seamtreatment/embroidery girl but i think it turned out ok
and not too much in the way of beading though I did do some

since this is going to be part of a bedspread I didn't want to do too much that would be "catchy"

I tried to stay in the pastels but there needed to be some contrast to the overall purplieness of the block.

there was some dark blue/black in the detail and a few of the other blocks so I don't think I wandered outside the parameters too badly


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