Friday, September 24, 2010

side project

just a little side project to recover an old card box

I'm getting better at the beading aspect of this but still have a bit to go for any proficiency.

i love how the dragonfly turned out, don't you?
the wings are some diacrotic glass i found at garden of beading at country village, here in Bothell very cool

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am in crazy quilt happiness mode

I am in crazy quilt happiness mode!
putting together little purses in different stages of made for my
"beginning CQ"class in october to demonstrate "how to".
fun , fun , fun!

this is my very first teaching gig and I'm nervous.

everyone says "oh just be yourself honey everything will be great!"

but I'm still nervous. what if they don't like me, what if I can't teach, what if I forget how to speak in coherent sentences AGGG!

ok now the panic attack is done I can get back to how I do this.

which are your favorites?
mine is the ballet girl and the brown lady so far. I love the saturated colors in the main black fabric and the delicate blues in the other. that will change as they get more embellished.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

sketchbook cover done

I'm done with the sketchbook cover.
and it only took about a month from start to finish!
I love the way the sunflowers came to life here and

the fan turned out very nice, here's the back

I do like my spiders!

the front turned out very well i think and the inside could have been better, more notes for next time.

Friday, September 3, 2010

sketchbook cover

I am starting on a new project today, having noticed my sketchbook is falling apart and I don't wasn't it to, I am making myself a cover for it.
most of the pattern comes from Cassie Barden's book "The New Handmade" I say most because I can never follow a pattern with out adding my own little flourishes or it's a short attention span I haven't decided which.

anyway I am at the stitching over the top stage .

In all this I have also decided to rearrange and refold my fabric stash, so there is a lot of unfolding ironing and refolding to do.
It also gets me in tune with what I have and how best to use it.

I'm trying not to buy any more fabric but I'm never quite as successful at resisting as I want to be.
I have, however, kept it to a minimum of 5-6 fat quartes at a time. god help me if there's a sale ;)!


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