Tuesday, December 21, 2010

seasons blessings everyone!

looking at others blogs always makes me feel like such a slug!
you people are so talented! and fast!

I guess when it all comes together it seems like magic.
all my favorites seem to get a project done a week and I can't even get one done a month it seems. I suppose it doesn't help having things scattered around the house like I do but if I don't things get hopelessly entangled and I loose track of where I am and what I'm doing, so even though it looks like a mess, it's really organized chaos!)
Ok so not accomplishing much creatively in the last two weeks but getting steady progress done.

one of my work spaces is an old music stand layed out flat its very useful for beading as I can raise or lower it to my need and it has a lumpy surface so beads don't go rolling off the edge all the time.

here is the BJP so far, I am at the attaching the dangles part.

here is a picture of the back, I know most people don't like showing their undersides but it can be interesting.

I love how my little goddess' wings glow! This is actually two pieces, the wings were part of a dragonfly charm that was broken. the shop lady said I could have it since they couldn't sell it!
(tee-hee! gimmy!)
so i chopped off its little head, filed down part of the body with a round diamond file, soldered it to the back of the goddess charm and voila!
ain't she purdy!

my other workspace in the throws of creation also.
I need to straighten this place up!

my other project in production are some christmassy bits.
4 days before christmas and I still don't have a clear idea of what they will be.
I can't seem to get my head around them.
that's what I get for starting a project, with no clear Idea of who they are for or what they will be!

I leave you with the view from my living room, past the christmas tree, into the organ/sewing room.
I love the view out that window, particularly when the sun is shining through it.
it lites up the crystals hanging there and throws rainbows all over this part of the house.
I wish I could get a decent picture of them but sunlight is elusive.
Happy Holidays every one!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I have started several new pieces in the last few days.
a small Purse cover and card folders,
I have also started another BJP piece called "whatever a moon has meant"
and finished a piece called "wherever you go" I haven't mounted it yet though.
it doesn't ;look bad but I'm not horribly pleased with the results .

on the homefront Christmas is approaching fast and we have tickets and a car reservation for our trip to Chicago. I'm looking forward to spending the week with my children.
we will be spending part of it in Indiana with my DBF's relatives and the rest of the time with my mom. I hope her water heater is up to the 7 people showering per night task!
must remember to pack warm + snowgear it looks like it will be a typical blustery Chicago winter.

I get soo spoiled here in the great northwest, with our 40*+temps and the rain that only comes after the sun goes down.I still have plants that are growing and we even got sun today!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I knew I could figure Fate out if I just sat and cogitated on it for a bit.
I remembered the three fates of greek mythology the moirae and it all fell together.

clever rabbit!

see I knew that twelfth grade edjukashon would come in handy! *grin*

I'm working on "where ever you go I go" next.

still don't have anything for that "whatever is done by only me" line.
I'm waiting for another flash of insight!


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