Friday, May 17, 2013

Heritage CQ - France

coffee anyone?
this whole thing is going to be a big wall hanging about 38"square

naked block
it's the biggest cq I have ever attempted and has been a challenge not only in scale but in research and patience.

there are 9 blocks total each of a different part of my heritage + a boarder and binding (not yet gotten to)

Eiffel tower of course!

lovers al fresco
all in all it has taken up 2 years of stitching and planning.

there has to be a frog!
I have tried to make it cohesive by using the same fabric, lace, floss, colors and beads I think Its good so far,

but I will have to finish putting it together to determine how well I did.

for now it's 1 block at a time! and this block is France


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