Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ravens block

 This is what I have really been working on.

 I have all these lovely "downton abby" prints I got from Susan over at

 Gathering fabric when she had her theme day trunk sale featuring the fabrics I got a few of them.

I love seam-treatments so I went a little crazy..
 I also love my critters so I featured the neighborhood crows in this block.

they are a noisy busy bunch!

I hear them in the trees calling to one another "ooh! look! something nice and dead over here!"

I like how it all turned out,

I wasn't sure for a while there,

then I found the perfect beads in my local bead shop,

 that were just the right color to blend in with the fabrics.

I used some of them on the faerie block because they worked well there too

Unfortunately I went back for more and they were gone!

quelle fin tragique!

I hate when that happens!

 any how I think I have it just about done now so I can show it to you all

 I love the look of SRE and I must practice more of it.    I don't use it much or maybe I don't feel comfortable using it much.

even though it takes up a lot of real-estate and is great for when you have to fill in a spot that is just a little too bare

 I still don't know if I need to do a little more with the stars on this part,
they feel a little undone to me

there are the beads, see just the right color!


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