Sunday, January 31, 2010

pay it forward

Have you all heard of the "Pay It Forward" phenomena that has made it's weaving way through blogland? Well, I am not the recipient of it from any blog but I want to play. I am going to start the Pay It Forward myself well...because....I do what I want, and I wanna play!

Here are the rules...

* I will make a little handmade something for the first 3 people (and maybe more...again MY rules I make them up) who comment on this post who would like to play along.

* I have a year (365 days) to complete my mission and send off the goodies! That should be enough time.

* There is no telling what those things might be, or when they will show up in the post, it's a mystery.

Details, or the fine print;

Since this is ‘Pay It Forward’. You, my dears, must do as I have done and post a similar blog entry yourself, hence Paying the bloggy goodness Forward and keeping the meme, and the fun, going. Remember you are only obligated to make out to 3 people!

Would you like to join in? Of course you do. You have an entire year to make whatever you want, it can be something small or tall or short and stout, even something round. And you will receive something made by me! Ooh, the possibilities!

Now, go on and do it!

(text swiped from Princess of all things(and them some!)
whom I shamelessly plug here

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my Christmas stocking

I finished my DBF's stocking before christmas and as you can see, I am making progress on my stocking too

I will probably mess with it some more next year but for now I am satisfied with it

the Key is a play on my maiden name of Noelke
Noel-key, get it;)

the cryllic letters stand for my name in Russian

and the two Birds are "nesting'
the erring is one that my mother made for me, the other one broke and I used the bugle beads in the DBF's stocking as organ pipes.

the asiatic scene is one that used to be a pendant and the buttons were some that I found at my gramothers

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Queen of the yard!

let me tell you why I am ""queen of the yard". yesterday I conquered the chainsaw!
Pishaw and small potatoes you say!
well, hey, I'm a big city Girl, i've never realy been close to a chainsaw, let alone ever have to use one!

last sept I was horrified when the DBF took out his chainsaw and proceeded to carry it up a tree to cut down branches, not just by the noise it made (damned things are really loud!) but by the prospect of sewing back severed limbs should he fall or misjudge a cut..
I did what any other sensible City dweller would do, I did the "girlie thing" and went inside to bake bread so I wouldn't have to watch the possible carnage.
after all, what do I know from Chainsaws?

though the DBF did point out that, trying to make it out here in the wilds of the great northwest with him, three stray cats and twenty million trees on our 3/4s of an acre I'd have to learn to use one, one of these days.

well, yesterday morning I had a dream (no really!) that I was cutting down the big dead tree by the front door, with the chainsaw in my own lilly white hands!
so upon waking having a good strong cup of coffee, kissing my DBF off to work and putting my "Big girl panties" on. I decided to go have a talk with the chainsaw a see what the fuss was all about.
Turns out he's just another tool, who likes to be oiled and gassed up from time to time like all the other ones hanging around various parts of the garage.

So I gassed him up and we had a good time cutting down that dead tree in the frond yard, I now have my sights on the rampant rhodi jungle by the northeast side of the front yard.
look out here I come!

but maybe after a couple of days and a nice cup of ginger tea, it seems the flesh is weak and muscle soreness is a bitch!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

new sketchbook entries

something I haven't done a lot of lately is share my sketchbook idea's with you all.

here are some of the recent projects you may recognize,
the cinderella quilt the DBF's christmas stocking
the witchi-poo hat

and some newish ones

like my christmas stocking which I know you've seen before

and the beauty and the beast quilt furthering my attempt to
CQ all my favorite fairy tails,

and the SRE class quilt which may or mat not be made into a purse, i haven't decided just what to do with that yet.

and then there are tthe hankies, my mothers birthday is in march and I decided it was about time to do something for her again and I have grandma Lories hankies hanging about doing nothing so...

Idea rampage

I need to slow down the project mayhem!

I have a lot of things going at once and am in need of pile management!


see that pile on the couch? that is the extent of my overflow of imagination.
I can't seem to slow it down the ideas keep coming and I am a slave to all of them.
and its growing!

a pot of tea first, I think, then what to show you next?


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