Sunday, October 18, 2009

Witchi-poo hat

I have decided to join the throngs at UWb's annual Halloween, spooky organ music recital.
I am going as a Witch (go figure)so this will cap my maribu witches hat.
I got the idea for it from a pattern I saw in gathering fabric, a quilt store in woodenville.

As you can see I don't follow patterns very well, which is why I love CQ,

I could leave it like it is and be the bell of the ball(so to speak) but that just wouldn't be me!
I have so much more planned for this you will not recognize it!
I will post more later ladies, I am on a roll !)

Christmas stocking

As most of my things are still in Chi town, I have been working on things that I brought with me but that only lasts for so long!

A new friend Kathy has been kidnapping me and taking me sight seeing around washington to various quilting stores and the inspiration has been rife with possibilities!

A piece of fabric here and a piece of lace there and my new stash is piling up!

My DBF isn't helping either, he keeps taking me to places where i must have this or that, fueling my addiction, naughty boy! this is why I love him;)

I started a Christmas stocking for him since he doesn't have one!

I made the wreath of some wonderful variegated fuzzy floss I received in a Christmas jumble bag, the roses are made of gold laddered ribbon

this corner is going to be an organ once I can figure out how to make it look like one!as you can see, the pipes are already down I just need to figure out the keyboard part.

the robin turned out quite well i think. I took two different colors of floss to get the mottled effect.
I used the same laddered ribbon for the gold leaves he is sitting on.

the swirly was made from gold cord and couched down.

I loved the bullion tree in NZ joe's Christmas block so much I made one of my own. the trunk is brown organdy ribbon spot tacked.

the spider will eventually get his legs and the web is made from gold DMC thread.


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