Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Scrappy appliqe

 It takes a long time!

I started on this pattern in April

 I liked it because it combined applique with embroidery

 And got the sunflower and the birdhouse done first

I also added more bees and ladybugs
to it

there just didn't seem to be enough!

Then the bird on a mushroom

The frog & butterfly

not to be mistaken with the Heart song


Why is it

Applique seems to go so much faster at the beginning of a project, than at the end?

Is it because I picked the easiest panels to start with?

To be fair we traveled a lot at the beginning of this year

what I brought along with me couldn't have too many moving pieces.

So the patterns with the biggest parts, were the ones I chose to take, so I was less likely to loose a piece.

Frog and turtle each went to Chicago on separate trips

dragonfly was done at home between and owl was done mostly in the car on a weekend trip to wine country

I've one more panel to do and that one seems to be going fast this time I may have to design something to even out the whole as things are not quite coming together like the picture on the package

  There are gaps and the whole isn't quite long enough

 but that's ok I didnt follow the directions exacly

Surprise, surprise as I was trying to use all my odd scraps of this and that

I do like a scrappy quilt

And using up your larger scraps in an applique panel like this is fun.

I'm thinking more borders & birds
maybe even a rotten rabbit

What do you think?


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