Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hexipoluza #2

 I'm going to dribble these out in batches since I'm also posting them on facebook as well.

I've tried to follow Jennifer Clouston's blocks as much as possible  as to have examples for my students they can see, touch and feel. Her book is so easy to teach out of!

(thank you!)

 Also in doing this I used all cotton prints and odds and ends from my stash, things I only have a little of or bead soup from old projects and tipping disasters.

So much of what is on these are one offs fitting in nicely with that 2020 challenge that's going around as well but I don't think I'll join as I don't have the dicipline to count all that!
The Hexi craze is enough for me and I've  had these done for a couple of years. Well past tim to show them off.

There's also my ultirior motive, I've got almost nothing else done.

It's been a slow summer for stitching. Though I got a new machine and am getting my quilt tops done but that's a post for another time.


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