Wednesday, June 12, 2019

one hellova month was may

So No pictures here for the moment BUT lots of life, or not, have been happening.
I'll explain.

First, way back in December my MIL requested to come live out by us as she NEVER wanted to live through another Chicago winter! OK. we bought her a very nice trailer in the 55+ park, about a mile from us, in February bUt we had to wait until mid march, when the former occupants decamped, to start to clean it out and fix it up.

So far so good, right? mmmmm, no.
The trailer was a wellspring of turkey-bird engineering and sloppy housekeeping. Ugh!
Think, why vacuum up wood shavings, when we can throw a new rug over them?
Why put actual shelving paper on the fiberboard shelving, when ELMERS GLUING Wrapping paper is so much cheaper.

And my personal favorite, using hot glue to fix the shower and the smoke hood to the stove.
THats right, Hot glue. On the stove. Brilliant.
There was much more, like the hideous color choices on the walls and the myriad nails, staples and thumbtacks that were used to hold up EVerything and the state of the carpets but those were things I could fix myself. The rest we had to call in a contractor for.
Good thing we have a great one, on speed dial, for the occasionally found spaghetti engineering in our own home.
SO. Everything was set to go off mid May for Mom moving in.

Second, in February we also found out that moms 89 year old sister, was dying of cancer and cirrhosis(?). As she has never had a drink in her life, this was a bit of a shock. Aside from the dying thing. So we called her once a week or so to talk and see how she and uncle were doing.

Mom was supposed to go see her in Indiana over mothers day and was trying to ignore her symptoms when she came down with a severe flu. That knocked her out and sent her to hospital for 2 days, the week of mothers day. ugh. A trip out to Chicago to make sure everything is OK and on track otherwise.
Back home to finish painting the trailer.

We had Mom stay in a hotel, as we don't have a spare room, for a few days while she waited for her stuff to catch up. When it got here the move went smoothly and fairly quick, Yay!

AANND Auntie dies 2 days later, ugh. crap.  We were all hoping to get out there to see her before. foo.

Now all go to Indiana for the funeral. and stay a bit to visit Uncle (92!) who is taking it hard.
Not that you would expect anything different He and Auntie were married for 72 years, right out of High school.

Auntie was a quilter so....Yep you guessed it, will be finishing the stuff she was working on. No big there because she used big bright cheerful colors, and after all isn't it fun to paw through someone else's color choices?

Now back home, still sad and exhausted.  I need to sew but can't just yet.


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