Friday, October 17, 2008

room re-do

This what I have been doing instead of sewing since I got laid off.

It started, as most of these projects do, with a leaky ceiling.

In tracking down multiple leaks during a four day rain storm.

We started, innocently enough, just removing a few ceiling tiles only to discover the true extent of the problem(rats!- not real rats just the sentiment) inadequate insulation, gaps and a hornets nest(fortunately all dead and gone!)

This room was always my favorite in the house due to this veiw

and was originally my sewing room.

DS and I switched rooms when it became necessary to further remove the boy from the girls.

it's hard enough to get them to bed without the steady stream of tit-for-tat going on when they were all upstairs together.

and so my sewing room became DS's room and vice versa.

It's now so bright and cheerful I'm almost thinking of switching again!

I suppose it would have been more dramatic to show before and after pics but I just now thought of sharing(Duh!)This is my Ds's Room now. He (poor dear) has been living in the basement for the last three weeks while we tore apart his sanctuary.

I'm very glad we did, as it used to look like this!

This is the mud room, as you can see we use it for coats and temporary storage.

It's just out side his room and done in the same awful paneling!

its dark and not very user friendly.

adding more

I find in going through my older projects the need to add more to some of them and so I have been working on the Pineapples and Palm trees round robbin block,

nancy's block Lori's block

Janets blockAnn's block

taking inspiration from the blocks I got back and incorporating some of the design elements from their pieces into my block.
It still looks naked to me

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HomeMom again pt 2

The nice thing about being home all day is the time to catch up on all those things I couldn't get to on a daily basis and had to resort to "helpers" and for anyone with children knows "helping" sometimes isn't!
The other nice thing is that dinner is no longer an adventure it's Food you can eat, and i get to take and pick up the girls from school, even if the older one walks a block ahead with her friends so she's not seen "with" me;)
I also get to finish those projects that have been glaring at me from the corners of my sewing room, case in point, my purse.
I still haven't decided if its finished or not, it may need a few more embellishments, something isn't quite done about it and I can't figure out what it is.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HomeMom again

Whelp, my foray into gainful employment has ended with the voting down of the bailout bill.

being that BMW's are a purely luxury item, this was not much of a surprise.

what this means to me is spending more time and attention on the kids(much to their dismay) a clean house everyday(instead of only on the weekends), empty laundry baskets, and full meals.

this is all to the good. I still miss the daily contact of co-workers (yes even the annoying ones)

this also means I will be blogging more. weather someone is still out there or not.

maby I'll get my sewing mojo back into the bargain. I did start making christmas ornaments for various co-workers, I should finish them and send them out anyway. their not done yet but here are the beginings.

sorry for the blurry bits


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