Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BJP-wherever you go

Wherever you go, I go my my dear.

Februaries part of the poem is done, though I can say I don't like the result as much as the idea that garnered it.
I was thinking of 2 pair of footsteps on a garden path but I couldn't find footprints in charm form that weren't baby feet., so I made 'em out of sequins.
which turned out ok but the result isn't stunning,
it's kind of blah.
there is always next month!)


Anonymous said...

I saw a path in this piece before reading your post, I like it a lot! The beads are interesting shapes, perfect for the path image.

Marty S said...

Not blah at all. It looks like a path to me, too. I like the multi-colored path.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Carol said...

I saw it before you said it. Not only are the beads making the stone path cool, but I like the flower borders along the walk. Its a good piece. It portrays your thoughts well.
xx, Carol

Robin said...

To me this doesn't look blah at all... in fact it seems very compelling... without reading anything you wrote about it, I could see a path, seemingly through a garden or at least someplace green and lush. I didn't know the sequins were foot prints, but it was clear they represented something special. And that made a bit of a mystery, which is always good!

Robin A.


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