Saturday, January 28, 2017

paris! CQJP 2017

Starting a new project is always always little difficult.

Where do I start?

There's nothing to work off of, no stuff to build on.

The yawning chasm of the blank canvas.

Sometimes design comes easy, sometimes, not so much.

My advise, just start. Roll the dice, pick a few random numbers and pick a book, choose choose a design and go for it.

 I love the sre basket of flowers and the blue bird

The pretty floral bonnet is felt sewn down with floss and sre accordion rose

I wanted something to fill in but not take away from the  lavender fabrics it seemed to not be playing well well with the rest of the block

I did a lot of beading on this piece as well
 Every year I challenge myself with something new or something I need to work on

Year one was stitches and beading

Year 2 was living through the year

This year it's sre. I don't do a lot of  it so this year I've challenged myself to do more, bigger, blousier sre.

Also to do more inn the way of embroidered scene motifs

Like the bird and the bonnet

Then integrate that within my style of over zealous beadwork and intricate seam treatments 

The bjp got dropped on the floor last year

So I will try to pick that up again as well with something over beaded like the pink, blue and green trim in the bottom right hand corner

Though I still need to work on that idea
It's  the best I have so far


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