Wednesday, February 16, 2011

doing the odd stupid thing

you know how you feel right after youv'e done something fabulously stupid?
I'm there.

I'm not generally into self mutilation but I do, do the odd stupid thing every now and again.  usually it's a live/learn sort of thing, this time I was just being lazy.
we have a lovely fireplace and I do love a good fire.

while making kindling from chips too small for the woodpile,
i cut myself along the knuckle of my left pointer finger with the ax.

don't get all wobbly on me it was just the little 3lb hand ax and not the big ol'12lb solid steel one. my DBF just sharpened the damn fool thing too.

but boy howdy! OWwie! I forgot how much fingers bleed!

I doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would and it's all bandaged up, disinfected and what-not but its all swollen and discolored. eew.

note to self-#3478.6 wear gloves next time, dummy.


Kiera-Oona said...

Ive done that before working on a meat cutter at a local deli. Just be sure you keep your cut disinfected really well. By the sounds of it, thankfully it was a really clean cut and should heal quick.

Carol said...

O Gosh, hope it heals fast! I wouldn't know how to use an axe if I had to, I'm sure. But I burn myself everytime I bake..everytime...even when I'm extra careful and use long pot holders.

Lesley said...

Ouch!!! Hope your finger gets well soon. Blessings

Wendy said...

I did something that also is a "fun" number like you did. I have this new tea strainer (to hold loose tea leaves) and I gashed my thumb big time on it. I mean it was not a pretty sight. Oh well, live and learn the hard way I guess. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself more serious though.


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