Sunday, October 26, 2014

last harvest and a walk around

 last harvest of the season was great!

a crap load of tomatoes and tomatillos

a zucchini (huge!) and even some broccoli!

yum, yum, yum!

now for a walk around before it rains again

we have been having a week of really weired weather for around here

blazing sunny while raining
and it's not being made any better by the fact we live under a convergence zone! aside from the unpredictability of rain, sun, rain, sun, rain..ugh you get the picture.

it has also been blazing sunny out while raining buckets! welcome to washington!

 these are the tomatillos left out
maybe they will ripen
maybe not
they look pretty today!

I like this view of the house

it's from the back of the yard

wind chimes and bouncers

make for a  cheerful front door

  mr. wind decorated for the season

the stones are climbing

faerie pool

 I don't often look at the front yard from this angle

theres a lot of it

My other favorite tree.

she puts out the loveliest pink blossoms in the spring

the view from across the stree

no wonder people have a hard time finding us!

you can barely make out the roof unless you know it's there!

the maple nextdoor is about to go poof! 

the last gasp of dahlias

leaves in the bird bath 
and more bowing up the drive
 looking in

 is different than looking out

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ciggi box tutorial

For this project you will need
1. A Cigar box (I found a bunch at value village)
2. A Cq piece big enough to cover the top of the ciggi
       box  + at least 1 inch (tell you why later)
3. pair of scissors an exacto blade and a rotary
     cutter and mat.  you will need them.
4. pencil
5. Smoother or other flat not sharp thing you can use
    to  smooth down the glue under the paper
6. Long flat blade ruler
7. Glue - I use Aileens tacky glue
8. roll of washi tape at least .5 inches wide for a
    regular roll ( 2 if you are using a smaller roll)
9. 4 pages of scrapbooking paper 2 for the inside 2
    for the outside
    I recommend the thicker type (so you don't break
    through it like I did!)

he back should look like this
Start with your box and your artwork. prepare your art work by cutting a piece of cardboard to fit the top of the cigar box and stretch your piece over that.
sew a running stitch from one end to the other until the piece fits firmly over all sides. you can pad it if you feel the work needs the extra lift or if there are wobbly bits on the front that aren't laying flat.
I recommend doing the corners first and then the middle over that

it should peel right off
be careful of the hinges!
 now for the box, remove the edge paper from the top edge on the sides of the box only.
Use an exacto knife if necessary.
since you will be adding more layers to the box over time this will help the box from sticking or not shutting all the way.
It should look like this

DO NOT take any of the hinge paper off!

your fingernail should fit in between the lid and the side wall
like this!

 Next with your exacto blade score all the outsides of the box.

Scoring your box
use a straight up and down also criss-cross scores to get maximum glue hold.

this is so the glue has a grip on the shiny paper that most cigar boxes are covered with

now measure the inside of your box, make the square a scoshe bigger than you need to cover any wobble in your measurements
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cut the sides bigger than you need to wrap around not only the bottom but the sides as well

place the paper for the sides upside down,

in the box,
crimp the corners
cut them and
cut the ends at an angle

 so when you overlap the ends they don't pooch up

now pooge glue all over the backside
getting the corners and the edges

fit the glued up paper into the sides, smoothing down as you go.
wipe any oozing glue with a paper towel

 you will notice that a small amount of paper
hangs over the front edge of the box. you need to trim that with an exacto knife.

repeat on the other side
measure and cut for the front and back of the inside of the box with NO overlap on the sides, only the bottom.
don't forget the corners

now glue and smooth the bottom down

I rubbed too hard
Be careful not to use too much elbow grease

if you are  using a thinner paper or you might go through it while smoothing it down
or rubbing too hard while trying to get stray glue off the wall (like I did!)

 the inside of the box is done!

measure and cut for the top
at this point you want to place a ribbon folded in half for ease of opening the box later cut it half the width of the top of the box glue it firmly down and then place the top paper and glue that down over it. ( I forgot to do that here so it will have to go under the art work, oops!)

measure out your washi tape and smooth that down over the hinge.
making sure to get coverage on both sides of the paper

for the inside corners I like to crimp the tape down the middle first, this gives you a good head start on keeping it straight smooth down

cut the ends even
you don't have to use washi tape on the inside if you got your corners nice.
get those corners
I use it if my corners are a little wobbly or for added visual interest

Now go for the rest of the inside
 a little washi tape covers a multitude of sins!

thats one smudge I can cover at least!

now do the outside much the same way you did the inside

I added a pocket
I forgot to put a ribbon Under the Inside middle of the box for ease of opening the box later. (a lot of that going around bad Flora, BAD!)

if you want this extra step, cut enough ribbon to extend to the bottom of the box, so it doesn't pull out, and glue it in before you place that piece of paper.
the bottom
Washi all around
when you do the out side remember to overlap the bottom much like you did on the inside by about an inch.

you can washi the top before placing the top piece of art work on as that will go over everything

get the top positioned and glue it down good!

I use cloths pins to hold it down till the glue dries.
Rubber bands work well too.
  that's it for this tut.

if there are any unclear or confusing instructions or if you think I have missed something important please let me know!
have fun!


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