Thursday, August 23, 2007

new work

Just a little update to let you all see what I've done so far.

I finished piecing my block for the MFS RR. I need to do a little more sewing on it before I send it out.

good thing I have until the 1st of September, because I just got the new CYOT RR blocks, I also finished the piecing on that & need to get going on the embroidery.

I was thinking love songs, so far I've got when I'm 64,pennies from heaven, 3 coins in the fountain, & blue velvet ( that one is kind of cheating, as I just had to put a piece of blue velvet in the piece!)

I need to research more songs!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I am a bad Blogger! Bad, Momma Bear! Bad!
I'm sorry, I have not been keeping up with things the last few weeks.
I've taken some well deserved family time & gone fishing, amongst other things!

It's been so hot & humid in Chi town the last few weeks ( & having no air conditioning for the whole house ) I tend to get things done in small steps, since doing anything is sticky! tho today we had some respite from the heat it was 87* this morning! BRRR!)

time to get back to sewing.

I'm looking forward to the new RR in crazy quilting for newbies, It's the your favorite song RR.

mine is going to be "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" as sung by Groucho Marx in the Marx brothers movie " A Night at the Circus"

It's the reason I named my first daughter Lydia.

It's been my favorite song, since I first saw it on the late night show, when I was a child & got to stay up late in the summer.

I haven't gotten the rest of the fabric to finish yet, so here's a picture of what I have so far
I plan to add a little more in the way of applique`& a bit more stitching. this is contingent on weather we actually do the RR or not. either way I get a cool cq piece!


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