Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Vaca

 So We went to Kona on the Big Island in Hawaii for a couple of weeks again this year, Yayas! 

Kona Bay

  It's awesome to go in the first place,

Kona sunset

 made even more so by my wonderful husband, who spoils me rotten!

Banyan tree

This year we planned it around not only BI's shop-hop,

which goes for the full month of February, if any one is interested.

A lovely walk along Ali'i st

But for Quilt passions (QP) Quilting on the beach event, where they sponsor 20 or so classes for a week at the King Kamehameha hotel.

They have been doing them for about 10 years and If you can there is another quilting on the beach in june, I highly recommend going.

My filthy lucker from QP + the packet for quilting on the beach

The fabric Oh the fabric! Every shop has some of the most wonderful balli prints I have ever seen in every color imaginable!

I went a little nutz,

to be fair I had encouragement!

Hubs was egging me on, go ahead we can mail it all home!

RxR in progress for 2015 picked up at QP

The first pattern that I finished was th shop-hop row by row from 2015 QP has a back log of them for the years between.
Not that I'm trying to tempt you or anything!

Shop-Hop pattern for the 5 BI shops!

when it all arrived at home the first pattern I started was the whale Row by row


More patterns from other shops
So much fun and so quick!

the whales came in the package already to iron on

so as soon as you sewed up the background you slapped them on and voila!

Then there was the finishing of my own shops Row by row

Pineapple pattern #1
and the completion of the first shop-hop kit.

as it's the corner 

there are only 3 parts to it

this one went together quickly also

all my row x rows compleate

I can see Ima be busy for the foreseeable future!

There are also the charity quilts I didn't finish before we left

Husband who spoils me rotten!

and all the life stuff you need do when you get home.

Vaca may be over but I have a lot of lovely reminders to keep me going back as I sew!


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