Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oh, the Sanity!

we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon in April and as is customary I bought more fabric than I meant to.

I have (finally) finished the pattern I bought for it all

as may of you may know I wander off into sane quilting every once in a while and when I do it takes me months to finish what I start mostly because I know find the cutting peacing and sewing down of regular quilting well, BORING! OMG! somebody shoot me please, what was I thinking!

OK now that I have gotten that out of my system I feel really proud of myself, when I can actually finish one of these things in under a year!

the first one is a little wall hanging I saw the turtle pattern in the quilt shop in Volcano village I didn't get it but it played with me in my head until I sewed it down I was originally thinking of putting more turtles on this but my appliqué skills are so rusty I don't want ruin what I have so far .

the second one I couldn't resist (even though I tried!) I bought as a kit for a table runner with one line of pineapples and then fell I lust with more of the fabric so it has turned into a lap quilt.

now I just have to sammich, quilt and bind the darned thing.
this is where it may take longer to finish.....

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vegi boxes

 my herb garden, looks like I need to make some smudge sticks!
the vegi boxes from the west side of the garage

 box 1 has peas beans, celery, tomatoes radish, zucchini and broccoli which is mostly gone now having been eaten last week
 box 2 has more tomatoes, corn and blueberries, though you can't see them as they are hiding under the tomatoes

 box 3 has you guessed it more tomatoes! I am going to have hella tomatoes this year!
raspberries more zucchini of both colors melons and some more beans

had to sow you all the Huge zucchini plant in box 3

look at that zucc!

my bowl of happy! that zucc is going to make a meal all by it's lonesome!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

flowers in the garden

I like a garden the way I like my CQ

wild and
 full of colors

which may explain a few things

you saw these last time

I have no Idea what kind of roses I have because I saved them from a Home depot dumpster 3 summers ago I have two kinds of tea rose in the front verge garden the yellow and a dusky pink

 I love the deep red of these dhalias

and the purple clamatis climbing the west corner of the garage

this little section I was trying to carve out a bigger bit of the lawn but it got to difficult to hack through the clay soil so this is as big as I could make it by hand.

its where the purple butterfly bush and most of the lilies live.

I'm not sure what the red flower is but I love how it contrasts against the purple of the bush  and the orange of the lilies
the daisies have taken off this year

I think I am going to have to dig them out and separate them 
they are getting too rowdy over there!

the waterbarrel is slowly getting covered by baskets

again I like the contrast of colors

hanging baskets are fun but you have to keep them well watered 

a way to help with this I fill the bottom half with packing peanuts to make them lighter and peat moss mixed into the dirt and manure mix i use for them this helps keep the moisture in

 here is the deckside 
the snowball bush is getting bigger but not big enough to bloom yet and it's too early for the hydrangeas give it a week and they will bloom too

Sunday, July 20, 2014

new stuff for ETSY

 Now I realize, it's just too dang early for christmas but well I have a few things finished and they just so happened to be themed that way.

the past few years I haven't been feeling all that chirstmassy at christmas time anyway.

 I tend to be one of those people who gets stuff done, when I get it done (unless it's FOR somebody)

to top it all off its 50* and raining in the great NW.

if the furnace was still on it would have run this morning.

as it is I had to put on my fuzzies and a sweater.  -.- hello juluvember.

anyway enough grousing about the wacky weather, the little christmas pouches are cute aren't they...

the first one is just big enough for a small set of keys and a cell phone

 the 3 girls is tiny 2"x2" so it can hold a small present &/or be hung on the tree.

the third one is another cell pouch that has room for keys and maybe one more item

I love the horse sleigh on this one.

though I will admit to going a little crazy with the snowflakes

the next piece is a ring pillow I only had half the lace heart motif so I had to stitch the rest of it.

I also put a bunch of beads on it.

the dragonfly's wings untie so the rings can be secured to the pillow

 and the last pouch is just too frilly and pink for words.

not my usual colorway but I need to stretch myself now and again and do the frilly pink thing

hey not everyone is good at cutesy foo-foo! I have to practice at it!

 this is what I have been up to so far, the blooms of summer

though there has been a lot of gardening as it has been unusually warm around here,

until yesterday that is

more on that later

Friday, July 11, 2014

pearblossom faerie

 I finished him finally!

 he sat in his tree and blew raspberries at my muse for months,

                                        the little stinker!

 It also helped to find a set of beads the exact colors of the block to finish the seam run at the bottom!

then there was this fellow who just happened to hop by!


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