Sunday, September 30, 2007

Romance & Lucy

This is the finished romance block for Lori. I wish I could have put a few more things into it I just ran out of creative gas for this one & I wanted to get it out to the next in line by the dead line. tho I think I did ok. It's a lighter block than the previous two, I hope it pleases Lori's sense of theme.
It's just not as encrusted as I thought it should be, given Lori's example.

this is the first block in the YFSRR that I received & I enjoyed it a lot.
Lucy in the sky with diamonds is one of my moms favorite Beatles tunes so I heard it a lot growing up. I'm glad I got to be the first to embellish this one. Lesa, I hope you like my rendition of Lucy. I took the outline from an Illustration of Polychrome, the rainbows daughter, from one of L.Frank Baum's later OZ books. the seam treatments are depicting the sky with diamonds. thankyou for the song!


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