Friday, March 7, 2014

a new toy

this past weekend, I went to the Puyallup sew expo with my girls and did some serious damage.

some vendors were gone, but most of my favorites were still there and one I thought was gone forever was back!

I didn't go over my budget (yes! she has some discipline!) though i
it's amazing how small my bags are!

along the way I ran across this little dazzler......

I got the info but didn't buy it there. I didn't want this to be my impulse purchase I regretted till I tossed it or gave it to someone who would love it more.

I went home and did my research,
my husband did research and got a friend roped into helping us do research.

then I went and bought it monday. Hubby approved!
 *rubbing hands together with glee* oooH boy! am I gonna have fun with this baby!

you can scan in what you want to cut even fussy shapes! you can keep it on the machine or a USB. It has like 700 shapes on board, you can use, already AND you can design your own!  woopee!

and since I had all the expo paperwork I got it all + a few extras at 20% off  *rubbing hands together in avarice* hehehehehe!


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