Saturday, March 7, 2015

Skelly is done!

 When I finish a project like this its always a relief.

after months of slogging through the design phase,
the picking and choosing phase,
the initial sewing and blocking phase, the "oh my god, I'm stuck!" phase,

the going in another direction phase, followed by more design, picking and choosing, sewing and blocking....

more "oh my god, I'm stuck!"
then the final inspiration, that gets you unstuck and across the finish line .


by that time you are either sick to death of the final piece,

 or it has grown on you,
like moss.

it's a part of you now. Indelible.

I always have trouble with the next phase.

the taking pictures phase.

how many do you take?

at what angle?

close ups?

how close up?

 Indoors or out?

how much detail?

 Natural light or flash?

do I examine every part of the piece?

 Do I go through every little nuance

how throughly?

in the end I take a lot of pictures.

 I don't usually show them all at once like this

I pick the best ones and showcase them

I try not to go overboard

but sometimes it's nice to see a persons process in these things.

it helps us make our own Phases easier to deal with.

More comprehensible.

you can see the progress here, here and here


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