Friday, June 10, 2011

BJP whatever a moon has meant

I started this piece in december it was one of the first pieces I envisioned for this years project and was one of the many visuals that lead me to pick the poem to use in the first place.
Junes poem phrase is "and it's whatever a moon has meant "

in nature based religions the moon holds a very important place. she is always female and always changing.

maid, mother and crone are very important cycles in the human experience as well.
we all hit most of these stages in our lives at some point.
the moon points out that even though it is a constant in our night sky it is always in flux just as we are.
the moon helps us count the days and lights our way in the night.
despite science making it possible to walk amongst the stars and on our moon it's self, it has lost none of it's magic and wonder.


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