Monday, March 25, 2013

poems and quotes etc..RR

I've don with Barbara's block

I chose this quote as it seemed to call to me

the stitch on the top is supposed to look like a zipper.  now that I look at it it needs a little help. maybe Barbra, you can fix that when it gets home? I know fixing zippers in real life is a pain but this one seems a matter of design and my zipper pull looks a little off.

anyway I got this great idea from this quote and this image was the first thing that popped into my head so I thought, what better to use as a focus!

I used the thimble as a cornucopia for the SRE roses, what better use for a sewers thimble?

and there always needs to be a spiderweb, not only to symbolize good luck but our propensity to forgo house work in favor of sewing some more ( at least I do!)
but where is the spider? Maybe under the patches? I thought that was a cleaver motif form the previous block so I incorporated it and the skeins of floss.
look who's hiding in there! hmm still no spider....

here is the finished block, the swatches are acting up as a peek-a-boo so no tattling, I want it to be a surprise!  ;)


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