Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New RR

I joined a new RR at cq for newbies. It's create your own theme. my theme is pineapples & palms.
I picked this working on a quilt for the daughter, of my best friend from H.S., who loves both pineapples & palm trees, & I liked the idea so much I decided to hijack the theme.
I hope my ladies in CQ have fun with it.
I wish I could have embellished it more, but I've been working on the KKRR & working(ok, so it's only part time!) & trying to pack, plan & clean for this trip to Boston for my sister-in-law's wedding.
while I am looking forward to seeing Lily, her daughter, & looking forward to getting out of Chicago for a while, I'm not convinced this is going to be anything but a disaster!
My sil has this wedding scheduled down to the minute, She sent me the script for the day, & even Lily is scheduled! now how do you schedule a 5 month old!
I don't want to piss on her parade but I also don't want to deal with the incipient hissy when the schedule fails. Of course I could be looking at this all wrong, my RDG is looking forward to what he expects to be high comedy.
all i know is I'm going to be the one soothing ruffled feathers & calming hysterics. in purple silk.
We're driving out there, with our 3 kiddies in a chevy blazer. I don't know about this. It's either going to be a great family trip or the 7th ring of hell.
Maybe I've watched too many national lampoon vacation movies!
any way, I hope to have pictures & I'll post them when I recover from our vacation.
by all have a great week & I'll see you when we make our triumphant return!


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