Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Here is the work so far on Lori's romance block & closeups of the corners.
I had the idea of incorporating some of my favorite love songs into the piece,
with a smattering of love stories, thrown in for good measure.

Upper left hand corner is not done.
Persuasion-by Jane Austin, is the name for this corner, she is wearing a"string of Pearls"
so far I have just added beading to the lace, the Eiffel tower for "an American In Paris" the tatted flowerlets for"April In Paris" & a few seam treatments

Lower left hand corner don't have a title for yet maybe I'll keep"She Loves you(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)" or maybe" a tattoo for my love"

lower righthand corner is "Jane Eyre"-by Charlotte Bronte they have "Star Eyes" & "Blue Velvet' but as I said before that one seems like cheating, so far that's all I have for this one

Upper right hand corner is "When i'm 64" they are standing under "pennies from heaven" &
" stormy weather" also "three coins in the fountain"

so as you can see I've got more work to do.


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