Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sugar plum Girl

THis is brilliant

"I love fairy tales, but I think that the idea of "beautiful = good" is one of the most insidiously damaging messages in fairy tales, even worse than "if you dress your rodents in cute little outfits and believe they sing in lisping English for your amusement, you'll marry a prince instead of being hauled off to the loony bin."
Writer Sarah Beth Durst

 That being said I am having too much fun making Tilda's and coming up with dresses for them.
Girls goota have the right hair

They remind me of boudoir dolls from the 20s-50's that would sit on grandma's  dresser. Or the Dollies my Auntie had on her guest bed. 

Her pantaloons
It all started with the Witchy-poo doll and is currently extended to 2 others

A frock must be coordinated
Sugar Plum has come home from her Christmas display and Spring Flowers has replaced her
The right hat to top it off

I want to make another

and another

They really are addictive

And so easy to make. I should do a tutorial 

I don't know, You tell me.


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