Monday, February 21, 2011

My Dear BF and a critter update

it was my dear BF's birthday lat week.
he hates it when I make a big fuss over it.
but it his BIRTHDAY I can't not make a fuss!
so this year I toned it down just a little.
I made him Tacos for dinner
and a german chocolate cake with lots of
coconut filling, heavy on the chocolate.

and I made him a present.
nothing big just a little thing to let him know, I'm glad he was born.
cause that's why we celebrate birthdays yes?

I used a batch of transistors that were lying around after a motherboard project of his and fiddled with them, added the heart key hole and placed it in a small shadow box.

then took some Fimo and made a heart box out of it  stamped it woth swirlies a clock face and some meaningful words and baked it as per instructions

added a fan motor a resist indicator and more transistors on the heart bead and glued it all on with E-6000 (I love that stuff!) there are pictures inside of us then and now, but they don't photograph well so I didn't include them here.

the heart fits inside the box and the box is small enough it fits inside your (his) pocket.
like I said just a little something.

the critter has made off with one of the candles off the candelabra in the organ room, this time I can't find it.
Hmmm. I think it's time to go nuclear on it's fuzzy butt!


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