Saturday, February 12, 2011

A picture frame

I have finished this picture frame and I love the result but it took so long to finish!

do you have endless debates with yourself?

over which color red tread would look best here or there and if i'm going to go through that, I'd better go through this.

then there are the distractions of organizing, clearing, separating those beads you just mixed together by accident and oh I need something from the store, it's 4 days into a project that should have taken 2 at most!

So now I have 2 boxes a little purse and a picture frame to put up on my fictitious ETSY site, can you open an Etsy store with only 4 pieces?

then the debate of what to charge for them because you know your never going to get out, what you put into these pieces.

no one would pay that much for a smallish box so what to charge?

then for me final procrastination point to not opening a store for my things,
and it's on my mind because it's that time of year again,
how do I figure out my taxes for it? boo scary!

I think I'll go make more boxes instead!


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