Saturday, April 24, 2010

Approaching Midnight

I have figured out how to use the new camera!
( a round of applause please!)
So I think an update on one of the blocks I have been working on is long overdue.
the picnic table is a lovely place to work. Some of the pictures are sideways but the new camera works a treat! closeups of this are spectacular! this is the prince's castle.

Here is Cinderella's fan, no one goes to a ball with out a fan to flirt behind!
the orange circle will be a clock face eventually
in some of the original stories (before it got disneyfied) there were three balls with a different outfit for each night, the second of which had gold shoes.
her horse and carriage was free handed, I haven't decided weather I will fill it in yet or not. It all depends on how ambitious I get!
the driver will, however, get a head when the blocks are joined together, for anyone who is worried!) the upside down bird patch still needs to be addressed. maybe I'll cover it with more flowers and call it good.
the patch under the castle still needs a little work, I'm planning on placing clock faces around the block and maybe i can find a glass slipper charm some where.

the weather in Seattle has been unseasonably warm and sunny so I have been taking advantage of it by riding my bike. we're at the top of a hill so we will see how well I do getting back up it! my last time out I only had to push it up the last three blocks or so. those are a work out pushing as they are trying to pedal since it's at a 60* angle! Wish me luck!


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