Sunday, May 29, 2011

BJP-beautiful you are my world

 May BJP is done! woo whoo!
Done and mounted!
whew I thought I'd never get that one done!
now I'm glad I did some of my projects ahead of time It gives me a little breathing room for life and other stuff! ;)
not that that is going to last very long!
july is the last of my work aheads
so i will have to be extra vigilant not to get behind!

boy that one took a bit of doing.
I kept looking at it thinking, "whelp, that don't look right!"
It seemed too crowded and smooshed together all by it's lonesome
so I put a CQed boarder on it in all the navy fancies I could find and it opened right up!
I then took a page from Gerry Kruger and followed her tutorial on making finished blocks.
there you have it! done!
and before the end of the month too!

there is a ton of symbolism on this piece, each paisly representing a different aspect of what we are capabe of.
all our dreams and aspirations, that swirl around us at all times and we have but to reach out.

I also made this piece big enough
(I hope!) to be a base for all the other pieces to gather around. as a connector for the poem in its entirety. Gee I hope it works!

Monday, May 16, 2011

 as promised here is a batch of the stuff I've been working on.
this purse isn't quite done yet but it's off to a good start!

very butterfly-ee. it still needs something else but I can't see it right now so I'm going to put it aside for a bit and see if anything floats to the surface.
 I must say this box looks much better now that it's done. I wasn't pleased with it for the longest time!

there still may be a little too much going on but I can't see that it matters now.

I covered the inside with the pink spots in the top and a bright blue spot for the bottom.

my favorite parts are the cuttle fish and the seahorses on coral
 I love how this one turned out! the dragonfly is very dramatic don't you think?

the inside is covered with olive velvet and the same silk the dragonfly is on for the top.

 the covers on these next few are old samplers I had lying around.

the two orange pouches are big enough for eyeglasses.

the little ones are dream pouches.

you put something you want to dream about a picture or a wish or fragrant herbs and hang it from your bedpost or put it under your pillow at night.

you can also write down something you don't want to dream about on a piece of paper.

I haven't put handles on all of them yet.

what should I do to finish the eyeglass pouches?

I finally stopped fooling around with this purse.
I have decided to call it rapture. not for any religious feelings on my part it just seemed to want to go that way!
you can decide if it's religious or not
have you ever had a project dictate to you how it wanted to be made?
it's very unsettling if you ask me! mouthy projects and opinionated purses that's me! ha!
these will all be put in my etsy shop at some point in the next few days.
I have been working to finish and mount my may BJP project work on july's and start on another purse or two. buzzy, buzzy bee am I!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the muppet show

I love the muppet show!

I know I should be showing you all what I've been up to for the last month and I will , I will get to this eventually I have BIG news and fun stuff to show off and I have been procrastinating doing it.I've been a little busy with family stuff and life in general. I'll get there just bear with me-get it! BEAR?

I love every thing about it from it's hackneyed, second hand jokes, to the over the top zany goofiness of it.
I love every ragged cliched corner
from fozzie bears awful jokes to dr. bunson honeydews failed experiments
sweetness is my favorite monster
and one of my favorite bits was gonzo's "mouse-i-phone" even though Monty Python did it first with the mouse organ dr teeth, animal, alice and floyed were the best band and boregard-the-janItor cleaned up the mess, of which there were many.
go to netflix or your local best buy and watch it again this is good old-fashioned funny stuff, treat yourself to the giggles.


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