Sunday, March 28, 2010

SRE purse is done!

I was given a challenge this last class by Moe the lady who runs our SRE class to complete my purse for the next class.

I surprised myself by making the deadline by more than two weeks!

there was another consideration as my kiddies are coming to visit this week and I didn't want to be distracted by an incomplete project while they were here. I want to focus on them and take them to see fun Seattle stuff,while they are in town.

as you can see I finally decided where to put the bird,I thank you all for your suggestions and encouragement.

I took some advice from Gerry's blog Olderose to break up the straight lines, I didn't brake them up so much as tone them down with some beads so they weren't so screaming white.

I think it all balanced out fairly well. my eye is drawn bird first thing but it's not stuck there like it was on the blue. then travel around the to the rest of the block because there is a lot more to see!


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