Tuesday, August 27, 2013

gift for a friend

I made this little "tSpirit doll" for a friend who"s DBF is ill with something the docs can't or haven't been able to identify.

I made this as a reminder to her she has to take time out to care for herself or she's no good for anyone else and to have courage in the face of the unknown.

they have had to postpone their wedding , which was to happen in september and otherwise, put their lives on hold (practically) because he is in constant pain with headaches and no-one seems to know how to make it better or, at the very least, less.

so here's to you my dear, for putting him first and still making, everyone else feel good too.

this was to be my BJP design for the year but I didn't register in time (Boo!)
I will keep it till next years and register on time this time!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Heritage CQ ongoing

I've sewn all the blocks together and am in the process of "melding" them into a cohesive and blended whole.
I already see things that must be changed or fixed, any Ideas?
It's looking good so far!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

3rd place purse!

 I have a prize winning purse!

Here she is a Russian beauty.
at least I think she's Russian.

 I entered her into this years purse contest on CQI and she won 3rd place!!

  I folded the red poinsettia type flowers myself because I couldn't find the right  color to match the red otherwise.

i used an old pair of jeans for the inside  some gold curtain cord for the strap. 

I've never won anything before!

Trouble leaving comments......

so many lurkers and no comments?
 I was just informed by a very smart person that I directed the question of "why can't some people leave a comment here on my blog. I've had lots of people try unsuccessfully, and just give up?"
Here is the response...let me know if it works for anyone.
Your readers may have third party cookies disabled in their browsers. They must be enabled in order to leave comments in the embedded comment form.
Let me know if this fixes the problem. If indeed there is one.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Heritage CQ - Chicago is done!

adding flowers was an absolute must

the have livened up what was a good  block into a great block

i may still have to add a few more beads here and there

 but I think I have gotten it to  "done"

here you can see the block before flowers

 and after

big difference!
though I'm not sure about the sequin trail up the side of the el car....
I wanted something trellis/dangling
but the sequins seem to be distracting rather than framing.

help me out ?
anyone got a better idea?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

heritage update - chicago

  It's still not done yet, it needs more.....stuff
so far I have favorite music halls and venues and restaurants. some of which are long gone now or closed and decaying ( shame-shame!_)

a map of the el lines.  I so miss the CTA!

Never thought I'd hear myself saying that!

Seattle could take a lessen or 30 from the CTA

I have part of the skyline and if you know who those two shady characters are, there's an APB out on them!

the harbor lighthouse, the only one in america with a red light.

our beloved (or not) 3000's

and this saucy girl!
she represents a few things for me,
1st shes an iconic chicago poster,
2nd she sort of represents the playboy club where my mom worked as a young and callow yout
but as you can see it needs more.

chicago is known as Urbs in Horto (City in a Garden) or more accurately, city of a thousand hidden gardens. there everywhere you just have to know where to look.
take an el ride for fun on the red, brown or green lines and you'll see what I mean. those lines are some of the oldest in the city and run down most alleys.
if you look down, you can see into peoples back yards and they have some of the best garden views!
So I need more flowers...everywhere stuck inbetween places you normally wouldn't look for them to be.

and seamtreatments I haven't done any yet and the block looks naked without them.
but I must think carefully about what, don't want to overwhelm the block either, hmm...


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