Wednesday, October 16, 2013

P&L and the new oven saga

I promised you pictures of Suzies block when I finished with it. here it is the last time you saw it
not too bad but a bit empty. though I do like this fan seam treatment

 and this little bit of sre, the butterfly was a piece of jewelry from one of the girls that I kept he looks comfy sitting there in that branch doesn't he?

now for the new stuff, its not much but it makes this corner look more complete.

I added 2 MOP chinese characters that used to be earrings I no longer use.

 since Suzie loves all things oriental I thought she would like them.
 I also added more bitty butterflies and a fuzzy catterpiggle.

uh-oh, he looks hungry!

there plenty of room for the others and it looks "finished".
 In other news, I got a new oven! woo!Woo!

our best guess for the old on is that it is original to the house.

that would make it almost 50!

It looks 50, doesn't it?

poor old thing it worked hard over the years

 our problem was finding a new stove that fit in the dimensions of the old, cause if you notice the dishwasher has Just thees much clearance.

when we put the new stove in the 1st time it was 1/8th of an inch too wide,


so a week of the new stove in the middle of the floor
yes, we plugged it in and made pizza anyway!  ;)
then we had to dismantle the bottom shelf of the cabinet overhead and raise the stove up 4".

4" is a lot when your trying to horse a 100lb stove into a precise hole with two people!

but it's in! YAAhHHHH!

I'm making cookies!


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