Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's a box!

I finally finished putting the hardware back on the card box so my cards can go back inside.
I forgot to mark the holes so that was an adventure!)
the top of the box symbolizes that the key(well?) to life(dragonfly) is dreaming(moon) of change(skull)

the symbols on the inside of the case are special to me. the three as one, the sun signs of aquarius and taurus, my name in chineese, the moon and 3 stars, the blade of truth, the skull of change, the key, the left eye of horus, 3 bees, a besom, the trine and 3 feathers. 15 symbols 1+5=6 my favorite number, on a bed of green silk for nature and growth and red for passion and love.

so go, be in the world, do what you will and harm none.


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