Monday, March 24, 2014

Visiting Laconner quilt museum installment #2

 this quilt has some of the most exquisite hand stitching on it that I have ever seen up close and personal.
 *Soapbox alert!*
that being said,though, I have to point out that it's premise - America is founded on god and the bible- to be false and misleading at best, and the work of people woefully ignorant of history at worst.

Honestly, we are a representative democracy and always have been. the separation of church and state clearly set out in the federalist papers and the 1st amendment.

we weren't saddled with "In god we trust" until the Mcarthy witch trials in the 50's and anyone who thinks different needs to read their history books a lot closer.

anyway that is just my opinion and I had to get that off my chest lest anyone thought I was going soft in the head

sorry it was the best I could get
 enjoy the lovely detail work.

I tried to get it in some order but it does bounce around a bit thats why I posted the whole thing first so you would have some reference points to orient yourself

detail of the star

 just adsorb the work that went into this piece, all the seamwork, silkies, motifs and appliqué.
the white house

I loved all the fireworks going off inside the star and the details of the white house and capitol building are inspired

eagle to the left of the washington monument
top of the washington monument
right side of the washington monument

left side of the washington monument

base of the washington monument sorry it's sidways

spire of the capitol building
the capitol building

detail of the capitol building

base of the capitol building
 I love the use of lace as supporting walls

and the trees on either side of the whithouse
detail of the white house
detail of the white house


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