Sunday, March 7, 2010

g'Ma's hankies

I finished my mothers birthday present, a pillow made from my grandmothers hankies.
all 3 of them, though the lions share were g'ma Lorie's , hence the big yellow "L"

I sent it off to Chicago and she loves it!

so it's now safe to show everyone.

Unfortunately, in my infinite wisdom, (NOT!) didn't take a picture of the whole thing done and ready to go.
that's what I get for leaving things to the last minute!

had a hard time coming up with things to fill this out, these hankies were my gran's but the present was for my Mom, who's images do I do?
I decided that G'Ma's hankies were enough of a reminder so I used mom's favorite things to cover the corners that were left, some of those hankies were busy!

there are reminders of pets past, we had 42 bunnies at one time in a 3rd floor Chicago apartment! I bought a little bunny, then I bought another bunnie, don't one and one make two??

I had to put MR.Chuckles on there, he was Mom's horse back when Chicago had stables on clark and fullerton he is also a reminder of the Chicago Armoury Polo Club, mom was a groom and trainer and I was a gole tender and hot walker

When she was younger she used to race bikes on short track and I remember waiting for the herd to fly by so I could run to the center and watch her from the grassy spot in the middle.
when I was really little I rode in the bike seat on the back and we would do errands and such,
later we would ride on the lakefront

She gets to travel now, with her husband. they have been all over the place Europe, Malaysia, China Russia, India and so on. Her favorite place is Pariss though, she has photo albums full of odd little corners of Paris. someday I think she wants to retire there if she can convince poppabear to go!
Then I would have an excuse to go to Paris, explore and fill my own photo album!


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