Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Queen of the yard!

let me tell you why I am ""queen of the yard". yesterday I conquered the chainsaw!
Pishaw and small potatoes you say!
well, hey, I'm a big city Girl, i've never realy been close to a chainsaw, let alone ever have to use one!

last sept I was horrified when the DBF took out his chainsaw and proceeded to carry it up a tree to cut down branches, not just by the noise it made (damned things are really loud!) but by the prospect of sewing back severed limbs should he fall or misjudge a cut..
I did what any other sensible City dweller would do, I did the "girlie thing" and went inside to bake bread so I wouldn't have to watch the possible carnage.
after all, what do I know from Chainsaws?

though the DBF did point out that, trying to make it out here in the wilds of the great northwest with him, three stray cats and twenty million trees on our 3/4s of an acre I'd have to learn to use one, one of these days.

well, yesterday morning I had a dream (no really!) that I was cutting down the big dead tree by the front door, with the chainsaw in my own lilly white hands!
so upon waking having a good strong cup of coffee, kissing my DBF off to work and putting my "Big girl panties" on. I decided to go have a talk with the chainsaw a see what the fuss was all about.
Turns out he's just another tool, who likes to be oiled and gassed up from time to time like all the other ones hanging around various parts of the garage.

So I gassed him up and we had a good time cutting down that dead tree in the frond yard, I now have my sights on the rampant rhodi jungle by the northeast side of the front yard.
look out here I come!

but maybe after a couple of days and a nice cup of ginger tea, it seems the flesh is weak and muscle soreness is a bitch!


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