Thursday, January 28, 2016

CQJP 2016 first block

 Today a mini tut on lighting in photography

I am not a professional and I don't claim to know anything

these are just my observations today

here we have January's Block under flash

notice the rich saturation of reds and the clear definition of almost everything

but the picture is a bit flat and lifeless
Here we have the block under the rooms lamplight

notice its a bit yellow

still well defined and you can see shadows from the raised aspects of the block

but its yellow

Here we have the block under natural light from the window flat on its back to gather as much as we can

so its bleached out by light now

but the objects on it are well defined

lets see what other trouble we can get into shall we?

here I've (mostly) taken the best of the lot

the block at an angle from the natural light from the window,

in this case it's from the right

so now we can see it in, not only full definition but full of those shadows that give it a little life

even though the colour saturation still leaves a bit to be desired

and then there are the closeups
here is some ribbon folding and a nice lampwork ladybug, you can make those store bought leaves a little jazzier by adding fly stitch stems
 I use the same method Gerry Kruger uses to make her birds and etc. to make mine

though I didn't go for an authentic bird I went with the threads that would match my block

 these fans filled the space nicely

I've been looking for a spot for this fellow for a while

over threaded chevron stitch with fly stitch ivy and beads

ok folks, shows over  ;)


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