Monday, June 20, 2016

So! That happened.......

So hello out there, it's been a while.
It's been busy here at casa Bernstein

We got new windows last week (yay!)
I can't tell you, how wonderful it is, to be able to see out the front window again!
Not to mention all the others and the sliding doors that actually slide!
It makes me giddy just to open and shut them for the cat.

Then there was the trip to Chicago to see my youngest graduate high school, with high honors from the president, no less!

We then proceeded to pack up all her worldly possessions and drive her cross country, back to Seattle. Where she will take a simester off and start college next fall.

But before all that, I had what was supposed to be minor surgery in - out no problems, back on your feet in no time, mmmmmm, not so much.

Good news, I discovered I'm allergic to morphine/oxycodone etc.
Bad news, I learned this after surgery. So needless to say recovery took longer than expected.

So in all of that I didn't sew much.


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