Tuesday, August 27, 2013

gift for a friend

I made this little "tSpirit doll" for a friend who"s DBF is ill with something the docs can't or haven't been able to identify.

I made this as a reminder to her she has to take time out to care for herself or she's no good for anyone else and to have courage in the face of the unknown.

they have had to postpone their wedding , which was to happen in september and otherwise, put their lives on hold (practically) because he is in constant pain with headaches and no-one seems to know how to make it better or, at the very least, less.

so here's to you my dear, for putting him first and still making, everyone else feel good too.

this was to be my BJP design for the year but I didn't register in time (Boo!)
I will keep it till next years and register on time this time!


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