Sunday, July 11, 2010

beaded panel

I decided I wanted to try a beaded panel on my belt the kind with swirly patterns and beaded pools.
I've never tried doing this kind of beadwork before and it was "calling" out to me.
It started wanting to be framed but I decided that didn't leave enough room for the flowing pattern I wanted. the swirl at the end just sort of "grew".

I knew the symbols I wanted to put under the wave were symbols for things from this past year.

looking up at the stars and really believing in them for the first time in years.

the Man-in-the-moon who watches over us and makes us dream, the impossible can be achieved, if we would only allow ourselves feel worthy of the gift.

the butterflies in our stomach as we are about to take the leap, into the unknown and do the impossible thing we have dreamed of for so long.
and at the end, finding the key to our heart,
was there, within our grasp all along, we had just to reach out our hand, overcome the darkness of our fears and grasp it gently.

let the love and hope you have kept locked away, flow from you and the most extraordinary things happen


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