Saturday, May 26, 2007

back from Boston


I'm so glad to be back Home! I missed my bed & i missed my house !

I even missed my job(OK, lets not go overboard!)

the trip wasn't bad, we left a 4:30 in the am so the children would sleep most of the way & not utter that most dreaded of family trip questions

-are we there yet?- though the minute we passed over the Appalachians it started to pore & didn't stop till Monday (the day we left, of course!)

I wish I had pictures of the kiddles, in their finery, but someone dropped the camera & broke the flash so there went any hope of indoor photo's. & taking any outside was out of the question, As god himself was coming down in liquid form. I'll just have to wait for the professional pics. Poo!

Adria's wedding was lovely even if she drove me a little bats.
You'd think no one ever got married before!
of course no one ever had a baby before Lily either!

Lilly is a lovely baby, all chubby & sweet. max is Max & as long as I don't get any late night phone calls about what a prick he is I guess he's OK too.

we did the new England thing & when to the Ocean we went to Woodman's & had lobster (yum!) & clams(eew!).

we stayed for my sil's PHD graduation. she graduated last may & this was just the ceremony. But as with everything that has to do with my sil, if she's not seen to be the happiest, smartest,put your own est here, then she is not happy! i love my sil, but everything she gets involved in has to be fussed over. & then fussed over some more!

then when we could finally escape, we went to Niagara. which was spectacular! If you ever want to feel the magnificence that this world of ours has to offer, go to Niagara. We had such a good time, we're planning on going back, so we can spend more time looking around, we only had one day there, & you really do need more than that.

We didn't get to go under the falls or in the tunnel of the winds & you need your passport to go over to the Canadian side, to see or do any of the things over there. I highly recommend going if you ever get the chance!
An how we're home now & its time to go finish the laundry & start dinner.


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