Friday, November 25, 2016

CQJP November 2016

 Abandoning any pretence of catching up I'm skipping to December

If I do catch up(insert manic giggles here) its because I’ve a sudden fit of energy which would be a first for this year.


here he is ,a very boyish fairy

the first thing I thought when I saw him was that old nursery rhyme

"Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails that's what little boys are made of"

so lots of bugs and critters for him

I sewed them on felt first , learning (finally) from my mistake last month with the Hedgie.

I also wanted it to have a more back-of-the-yard ravine feel to it

You know those wonderful places in the far rural suburbs between the houses where there is the feel of forest if not the actuality of it.

a place for finding bugs and critters or the occasional deer or raccoon
a child's thoughtful spot for dreaming and pretend

mucking about in the mud catching frogs and splashing in puddles

watching the critters go about their business for the day

humming a hum


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