Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hawaii Shop-Hop part 2

 Still loving this mode of stain glass window quilting!

The ladies who chaired this committee should get a solid round of applause and a hearty handshake for picking some really beautiful fabrics!

Though I will warn you, the fabrics for the Strings shop are , In my never-to-be-humble opinion, kinda lousy. 
None of the greens or blues match any of the other colors within the set so keep your scraps!

the Strings" panel

The Sand colors did OK blending

as would the grey rock colors have but I wanted a more cohesive look to my blocks so I used the rest of what was already in the "lava" kit

 and with all of these I did supplement what we were given in the kit because, me!

The Panels get trickier and more fussy if you follow the course I took to put them together.
Which I heartily recommend because if you start with the beautiful bottom left one with the bromilliads and hibiscus you will be very sad, as it is the fussiest cut of them all!

I did have to fiddle and trim on each block it became more and more needful as each one got more and more complicated.

If you started with the flower block you may just give it all up as too dificult because this one is.

But it is so choice when its all done!

fussy cuts trimming and even had to replace and add a few pieces that that weren't there.

I'll need to drag out my old war horse from pasture to finish this up into a flimsy.

I hope she doesn't hold her retirement against me and decide to stop working all together! 

that's all I need anOther machine in the shop!

Oh, another thing about piecing these together, be sure to Iron the foundation to the WRONG side of the fabric! I oopsied that one in a few places. Shh! Don't tell!


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