Sunday, April 1, 2018

The star adventure

You may remember this pile of fat quarters fro the last post

but I need a refresher on how all this silliness started

so back to the beginning I go

I have since used all those fabrics (yay!)

and am now putting the whole blessed mess together

Ive had fun with this project,

I find it interesting how you can make the same pattern do different things by changing the color, tone or pattern of fabric

and finding out what works well together and what does not and what just looks like a hot mess might be mitigated by the border you put around it

I also didn't follow their directions exactly,

as you will notice, if you care to go to the site, there is a lot of waste and overcutting in her directions. so I took short cuts.

Mostly because I had a limited supply of my focus fabrics and one mistake,

like cutting a quarter inch to small or wide meant I might not have enough of a fabric to finish a block

So I did a lot of re calculating to use my stash to its best advantage.

The most used techniques in this whole challenge are flying gees and Half square triangles so once you have a good grounding in those ( a chart doesn't hurt) you're off an running


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