Tuesday, September 3, 2013

yard work

As you all know, those of you who read this blog regularly, I love my willow.                                                                                         I love her wavy fronds, her lumpy bark, the curly corkscrew way her limbs grow
and under her  boughs is my favorite sewing spot

this weekend we decided to give her a trim as her boughs were overtaking the garage and her fronds were whapping my darling fiancée in the face when he mowed the lawn.

nothing like getting a face full of spiderwebs to male a grown man loose his perspective!
(of course I would have run around screaming like a sissy girl!)

So Mother willow got a haircut and that pile you see is whats left to be chipped and mulched into the garden, so far we covered the verge garden the deck and rose gardens, lots of work done and more to come!
till thats over, I'll sit and sew in one of my other spots on the deck.


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